Hollywood Smile

It’s all about the perfect smile…


Using effective methods like porcelain veneers, lumineers or composite veneers perfection in the smile zone which involves frontal teeth can be achieved.

Beautiful teeth: a confident smile makes a great first impression!

Your mouth, your teeth and your smile are the first things people notice about you.

Our dental specialists can help you achieve this.

We have a tailor-made solution for every cosmetic problem. The aim of aesthetic dentistry is to achieve a natural-looking result.

What is a Hollywood Smile?

A good definition of the beautiful is anything we can add or remove without making any damage. Hollywood smile boutique is a total dental smile makeover, also called ‘change your smile aesthetics’ is a popular treatment. It’s a Supra Natural White, perfectly aligned attractive looking teeth. It takes in consideration the skin color, the gum position, the front teeth color and size, and of course the position of the upper teeth with the lower lip.

A smile makeover is associated with many restoration and rejuvenation procedures to improve on the aesthetics of your smile. It combines cosmetic, dentistry and facial rejuvenation methods to give you the perfect ‘Hollywood smile’ like of celebrities.

There are many procedures that focus on straightening crooked teeth, repairing broken teeth, replacing missing teeth, closing the gaps between teeth, improving smile lines, correcting a gummy smile and teeth whitening. Some of these include:

Tooth color: Stains and discoloration of the teeth enamel can be cleaned or bleached to the best shade that matches your complexion. Any silver or stained filling may be treated with a color matched bonding material to provide a natural appearance. Veneers (thin layer of tooth-colored material placed over a tooth) or crown implants (tooth-shaped cap) can also be used to cover up discoloration and damage from wear and tear, and decay.

Missing teeth: Gaps between teeth are usually the cause of tooth decay and other oral health problems. They may destroy the alignment of teeth over time and lead to biting and chewing malfunctions. Your dentist may recommend dental bridges (crown implants that bridge the gap between two teeth), dental implants or dentures (false teeth) to fill the gap between teeth.

Alignment: The teeth may sometimes be asymmetrically aligned or overlapping. Misaligned teeth may be corrected with full mouth reconstruction or cosmetic dentistry, such as porcelain veneers or clear braces.

Tooth shape: Even small details such as tooth size and shape can be corrected. Your teeth may be lengthened or shortened using gum reduction or porcelain veneers to make it them more attractive. The shape of the tooth can be altered using veneers or cosmetic bonding (tooth colored composite plastic applied on tooth).

Gum balance: A gummy smile can be corrected with gum surgery before placing any veneers or crowns.

Face shape: The shape of your face can alter with age, wear down or fall out. Your cosmetic dentist may recommend oral maxillofacial surgery or orthodontics (treats misaligned teeth) to fill out your cheeks and face, and revive a younger look.

A complete smile makeover can improve your overall quality of life by increasing your self-confidence and self-esteem.

Invest in your appearance

A complete smile makeover, is an excellent option if you have chipped teeth, misaligned teeth or experiencing discoloration. Tooth whitening tooth pastes are effective only for a limited time, however, a bright and shiny smile is everyone’s dream to enhance ones professional and personal prospects.

Our dentists examine the shape, structure, size and the bite of the teeth along with the overall dental health. They also check for any decays, gum diseases etc. to know if the candidate is qualified for the procedure. The treatment involves bonding veneers composite, procera or ceramic laminates to the surface of the teeth. This is just a revocable procedure and does not involve any sort of discomfort and pain. It also does not require any anesthesia.

Similar to your natural teeth, your stunning veneers teeth requires some maintenance, however it is nothing but ordinary – just brush twice a day, flossing and rinsing your mouth with water after every time you have a meal is enough to keep your bright smile long lasting. A dental check up every 6 months is important.

Our quality dental services in Bahrain will guarantee that your new look is natural and just not appealing.

In case you want to remove them, your original teeth will show up again.

We can adjust the size of the teeth “Shorten or lengthen” to reach the perfect look and feel.

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