Penang island In 2 NIGHTS

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Penang has plenty of must-see attractions that you should cover in your itinerary if you wish to experience Penang in a short space of time. In our list of Top 10 Things to Do in Penang, we skip the unimportant sights, and instead focus on places that can be considered the essence of the island – so much so that to miss them would be as good as not having been to Penang in the first place. When handpicking selections for our list, we decided upon an interesting and eclectic mix of modern and quirky offerings, family-friendly amusement parks, and natural and cultural attractions, all of which are suitable for visitors of all ages.

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1-Receiving and sending from and to airports
2- modern cars and expert drivers.
3-Must be booked 3 weeks prior of the planned trip to ensure the best rates and rooms categories.
4-Offer Include a special breakfast.
5-The offer includes Interior travel tickets Kuala Lumpur Malaysia <> Penang Island
6-The offer does not include international travel tickets <> Kuala Lumpur
7-4 **** and 5 ***** stars hotels.

1-Minimum booking is for two persons
2-Tour Day is 8 hours only, but can be increased as per Clients request.
3-Groups have a special prices.
4-Prices do not include entrance fees of tourist areas (if required).
5-Prices do not include driver’s tips (as per Clients request).
6-Prices do not include air tickets (the company offer reservation services).
7-Reservations should be made three weeks in advance for better flight planning and a higher categories hotel rooms.

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