Mesotherapy Acne Formula

You may be familiar with acne due to its popularity, but do you know that what exactly causes acne and what affects acne condition? Acne occurs when your skin’s pores are full of oil and dead cells. As a result, dead cells rise above the surface or trap into pores. There are several factors that can affect acne:

1-Hormone. Hormone can change oil production. That is the reason why acne usually occurs in teenage time when your hormone is unstable.
2-Diet. Dairy products and carbohydrate-rich foods may produce acne.
3-Medications. Some drugs can make acne increase. You should consult your doctor to understand clearer.
4-Dirty skin. If pores are not airy, acne condition may become worse. Sweating and touching your skin a lot may make pores unclear. Cosmetics that left over in pores should be cleaned up.

Mesotherapy is a non-surgical treatment using microinjections to involve medications into tissues underneath the skin. With substances that can be tailored for different injections, mesotherapy is a versatile method to treat many conditions without invasion. Recently, many people in Europe and The United States choose mesotherapy thanks to its benefits.

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Mesotherapy treat acne condition through both the physical and the chemical stimulation. The injections added special medications creates antioxidants to the skin to reduce oil production. Your acne condition will improve after the amount of oil decreases. Besides, mesotherapy injections can stimulate growth of new cells, replace to dead cells. This can make your skin look brighter.