Mesotherapies (aesthetic therapies)

Mesotherapy is a method that injects vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other active substances directly into the third layer of the skin where the blood vessels are the mesoderm. Mesotherapy provides an intensive hydration and nutrition of the skin itself, and the aging process is significantly slowed down.As we grow older, the skin goes through changes such as texture and elasticity loss, unequal pigmentation, loss of subdermal fatty tissue and the skin has worse circulation, the skin becomes prominent with enlarged capillaries. Most of the listed changes come with the reduced function of fibroblast, UV Sun radiation influence, free radicals, and harmful influences from the environment. Applying the antioxidants, vitamins, amino acids into the middle layer of the skin enables direct supply to the blood vessels with all the required ingredients.


  • The number of appropriate sessions is determined to eliminate the skin problem under the supervision of a specialist doctor and according to the level of progress of skin condition.
  • The price of treatment sessions start from (300RM) according to the therapeutic materials used, the nature of the treatment and the type of skin.
  • Mesotherapy is available without needles for all mentioned skin issues.
  • Painless sessions where local anesthesia is applied by using powerful special ointments.
  • Complementary treatments will be followed up after sessions to ensure the best results.

Mesotherapy is targeting Skin & Hair problems. Different types of treatments are used for direct dermal injection.The following types of sessions are available:

  1. Mesotherapy Deep nourishment skin, anti-wrinkle and tighten.
  2. Mesotherapy for the treatment of acne.
  3. Mesotherapy lighten the skin and permanent freshness and chromatic balance.
  4. Tatto Mesotherapy – Lipotherapy make beautiful smile and sexy shape, with blushing pinky permanent color.
  5. Mesolipo Therapy abdominal, butts, humerus – tighten the dilution and Fat Melting.
  6. Hair health booster Mesotherapy , anti-fall, & nutrition.
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