What is Crystal Lips Tattoo / Lips Embroidery?

Many women and men want a pretty full lips, especially if they naturally have thin lips. Injections are one way to enhance the plumpness of your lips. However, lips tatto and lips embroidery or can give the impression of fuller lips as well and outline the definitions of the lips line.

Ally Beauty’s Crystal Lip Tattoo and Lips Embroidery do like a semi-permanent cosmetic technique (in case added natural pigments)which employs semi-permanent pigmentation of the epidermis that resembles lipstick. After this lip enhancement treatment you will not need to touch up your lipstick after a meal anymore!

Crystal Lips Tattoo can helps to brighten and lighten dark lips into your preferred lips tone color, and determine the shape and drawing of the lips. It can help to redesign your lips.


Why Choosing Our Crystal Lips Tattoo / Lips Embroidery?

100% Natural Plant-Based Micro Pigments

We choose the best 100% natural plant based non-toxic organic micro pigments (Imported Ingredient).

Strict Hygienic & Safe Practice

Our needles are individually sterilized and wrapped for single use only and will be disposed immediately after use.

Master Lip Embroidery Artists

Our lips tattoo & embroidery artists are equipped with the skill sets to curate the right design for you.

Free Touch Up Available

Every Lips Tattoo / Lips Embroidery Treatment will be entitled to free touch up service for the color boost up to 2 times.

Private Treatment Room

We provide private treatment room in which customer will be able to relax and leave it to us to delivery the best service to them.


All lips are different and therefore demands may vary. At our Beauty clinic , our lips embroidery or tattoo enhancement service includes getting your preferred lip color, shape and design.


Benefits of Getting Lips Embroidery / Lips Tattoo

Crystal Lips Tattoo / Lips Embroidery is suitable for everyone with a busy lifestyle. Saving time is golden, with this semi permanent crystal lip embroidery & lips tattoo will help to you to save hours and days over the course of year. Your lips color will last since you won’t have to rush for apply makeup every morning. You can sleep in and be more relaxed for your day.


Crystal Lips Tattoo / Lips Embroidery are suitable for people:

  1. Anyone who tend to many thins in the morning due to early working office hour.
  2. Anyone who cannot even space a second in the morning.
  3. Anyone who unskilled in make-up so lacking in the beauty of balance.
  4. Anyone who want a pinkish and healthy lips looking.
  5. Anyone who need a lips redesign.
  6. Anyone who considers appearance important.
  7. Anyone who required to look good and presentable in most of their time.

Pain Management

I think you’d be surprised to know that there really isn’t any pain during the procedure. It varies from person to person, but I haven’t had any complaints yet! Some people find it a little uncomfortable, but that’s only because the cupids bow is the most sensitive part. Most people don’t feel anything and find the procedure quite relaxing. After the treatment, your lips might feel a little tight and swollen but you won’t need to take any time off work. When I had my lips done, they felt like they were a little sun burned, but I didn’t feel any pain at all.


Are you prone to cold sores?

Everyone carries the gene, but not everyone has a breakout. Your lips will be going through trauma and if you’re prone to cold sores, you will want to either get anti-viral medication , or get some over the counter viral medication and use that a week before your procedure.


Natural, semi-permanent lip colour

I can’t recommend this treatment enough, especially if you have lost your natural colour, shape, or are looking for something natural that gives you a more defined shape and helps you to look more radiant! If you’re interested.

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