Laser Lipo Melting

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Laser Lipo was invented for people who are not only encountering obese issues but they are having concentrated fat on specific areas of their body, even if they are trying hard with diets and exercising programs. It is considered by many experts as one of the safest, most reliable and most drastic solutions to dispose off the accumulated fat and practically transform a man and woman’s body figure. So, let’s have a closer look at this innovative slimming method.

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Laser Lipo is a non-invasive treatment designed for perfect body contouring and fat melting. It operates by emitting low-level cold laser which travels through the patient’s skin without causing pain or being the source of any other danger. This laser reacts with the underlying fat cells (through a process which is scientifically known as bio-organic photochemistry) and causes them to release the intra-cellular fat (more information read this). This fat heads afterwards to the lymphatic system, and it is either used by the organism as energy or it is finally shed off the body. Actually M.E.L.T. utilizes a similar protocol like what is used in i Lipo

Actually, the first results won’t take long to emerge; in fact, a slight difference can be spotted even after the two initial treating sessions. As each treatment takes usually between 10 minutes to half an hour, a substantial and permanent difference on the body will occur between 3 to 6 treatments. Of course, you should always bear in mind that the final results deviate from one individual to another, depending mainly on the extent of the affected area and the particular spot of the body that receives the treatment.

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