Laser Carbon Peeling

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The Carbon Laser Peel treatment works by applying a thin layer of carbon to the skin’s surface. Once evenly distributed, a focused light beam is emitted for a precise and targeted area. The carbon particles actively absorb the light before a vacuum suction gently removes them, along with damaged cells found in the upper layers of the skin.
The simultaneous generation of thermal energy stimulates the synthesis of fresh collagen and the promotion of a healthy-looking complexion*. Skin structure is visibly strengthened and even opened pores purified and cleared*.

Things to consider before opting for Laser Skin Resurfacing
Laser Peel 2

Side effects are minimal with slight redness and tingling a few hours post treatment. Temporary hair removal to the treated area can occur and some individuals may experience mild outbreak the week following the treatment.

There is no pain with the Carbon Laser Peel treatment. During the procedure you may experience slight tingling and warmth on the skin, which is normal while the laser zaps away the thin layer of Carbon.

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