Holistic Health Care

Care the Whole Person

it is all about caring for the whole person, providing physical and psychological full care, all together might affect positively to the overall health, alternative medicine, naturopathy combined with modern medical knowledge definitely give very effective result.

incorporating complementary therapies, modern medicine, and monitoring the food and support with the correct supplements that have been scientifically proven to work with optimum results, we are focusing on wellness and prevention therapies, and treating diseases or the symptoms of diseases either.

we require full blood test , this might be a good start to know what missed in blood nutrition, and based on symptoms and the tests help us to reach to correct diagnosis , and we can help to plan the treatment, some of those treatments:

1- Acupuncture Sessions (Stress Resilience & Mindfulness & take care The nervous system).
2- Leeches Therapy (Take Care blood diseases).
3- Cupping & Hijama (Circulatory system).
4- Diet Management & Supplements (Nutrition & Weight Control).
5- Chiropractic & Massages therapies (Relaxation & Back Bone health Care).

few answers a series of questions needed, to help the practitioner for better understanding the unique metabolic needs , exercise and sleep patterns, and readiness of the patient for change .

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