Dental Implant Training Course

Training is key

Trainees Category:

Dentists – Dental Technology – Aesthetic Surgeons – Fresh Graduated Dentists

Course duration: (2 days)

First Day: Lecture & Abstract

Second Day: Live Practical Procedure


Course Levels:

Learn how to perform non-surgical and prosthetic procedures in straightforward cases, and achieve predictable aesthetic and functional outcomes. Topics include diagnostics and treatment planning, as well as conventional/two-stage surgical implant procedures , Direct implantation techniques after extraction, How to Use one kit for different implant system without using a conventional implant motor

Bring your existing fundamental experience in implant dentistry to the next level by gaining the skills to perform advanced non-surgical dental implants and prosthetic procedures. Topics include hard and soft tissue management, Immediate Function, graft-less solutions and rehabilitation for edentulous patients, how to use the Inventive Bone expanders for implants, how to do Multiple formulations on dental implants.

Learn how to treat challenging situations with advanced treatment planning and complex surgical and prosthetic procedures. These courses did not require experience in placing implants. Topics include rehabilitation concepts for edentulous patients with high maxillary resorption and complex grafting, How to use Use of fibrin-rich platelets (PRF).



We are not only committed to helping you grow your skills, we also want to help you grow your business. Further develop your team with the help of these non-clinical courses.



The Live Patient Program takes your skills on the road – literally, proving the old adage that you learn best by doing. Apply what you’ve learned in lecture in Implant Seminars’ Dental Implant Continuum™ and its follow-up, the Masters Series, and have the opportunity to place implants on actual patients.

implants fixtures & abutments are available to buy during the course.