Botox Wrinkles (Neck)

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The cosmetic injection Botox was made popular by its ability to reduce and even eliminate crow’s feet and forehead wrinkles. Over the years however, Botox providers have begun to administer the product into other areas of the body. One of these regions is the neck, bringing about the term “Botox neck lift.”

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the active ingredient in Botox is on a botulinum toxin A. This purified form of botulinum toxin is injected into specific muscles. Once there it begins to block the nerve receptors and prevents nerve impulses from reaching the muscle. Within a day or so, recipients typically begin to notice the effects. This controlled relaxation of certain muscles helps to minimize wrinkles and relax prominent muscle lines. The temporary paralysis caused by the botulinum toxin generally lasts eight to 12 months.


The platysma muscle plays a direct role in the appearance of the neck as people age. Its position and thickness can determine how and when different individuals will show signs of aging. Over the course of time, thick vertical platysmal bands often become visible, running in a V-shape from the top portion of the neck to the base. These often pave the way for that “turkey gobbler” look. Properly administered Botox injections can relax this area and soften prominent neck bands.


Botox only relaxes muscles. It doesn’t pull up sagging skin or eliminate fat deposits. The best results from Botox tend to be seen on people who have little fat, have minimal loss of skin elasticity and who suffer primarily from thick platysmal bands. If you have extensive wrinkling, loose skin and pockets of fat in the neck area, you may be need to add more different types of treatments additional to botox for optimum results.


While Botox is certainly less costly than surgery, the results are subtle and temporary. If you are a good candidate and wanting to pamper yourself a little, Botox neck injections may be the route for you. On the other hand, if you are looking for more extensive or long term results, you may want to look into other options. Research the more substantial benefits that can be attained by a neck or face lift to see if these are the results you’re looking for.

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