Botox Wrinkles (Facial)

Youth restoration

Lip ageing and vertical ‘Barcode’ wrinkles

The mouth is a symbol of youth, attraction and sensuality. It should be well formed, and the lips clearly defined and plump.
Due to anatomical reasons, and aggressive environmental factors, this zone often ages more markedly than the rest of the face.

Glogau has defined a photo ageing scale for the lip-mouth area :

Type IEarly photo-ageing Type IIEarly to moderate photo-ageing Type IIIAdvanced photo- ageing Type IVSevere Photo ageing
Age 20-30 years 30-40 years 40-60 years 60-70 years
Clinical signs Tiny signs of vertical wrinkles, minimal change to the upper lip Light to moderate vertical wrinkles. Starting to see: lip atrophy, nasolabial lines, nasolabial ptosis Increasingly marked vertical lines to the upper lip. Moderate atrophy to red of the lip +/–Sagging of the edge of the lip (labial commissures) +/–
Nasolabial folds
Lip folds _
Nasolabial folds Deep vertical lines to the upper lipLip-chin folds ++/- Atrophy to the red of the lip
More or less marked ptosis
Botox Wrinkles forehead and lips01

Age-related changes to the lips include:

– Drying and discoloration of the red of the lip.
– The loss of definition of the lip edge and the lips.
– The red of the lip thins/ loses volume.
– The labial commissures (side edges) sag and become hollow.
– The philtral crests flatten and the Cupid’s bow loses definition.
– Vertical wrinkles appear, notably above the upper lip, creating the ‘barcode’ or ‘sun folds’ effect).

in addition to crow’s feet and glabellar lines (the fine lines that can form in between your eyebrows if you size too hard), Botox Cosmetic (which is different from the injections used to treat overly sweaty armpits or migraines, which are just called “Botox”) is officially approved for treating moderate to severe forehead lines.
“It works by relaxing muscle movement so you can’t raise your forehead muscle and therefore cannot form any lines, new indication will not only help soften the appearance of the lines but it will also help them from becoming deeper. The key is to start early and be consistent.
The forehead area is one of the most commonly requested area in my practice,” Avaliani says. But just because Botox has a shiny new stamp of approval doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still do your due diligence, she adds. “I am very cautious who I choose to inject there. Detailed consultation is always required as it may result in droopy or uneven eyebrows, and may cause a heavy sensation feeling, if not done correctly.

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