A multinational company pioneered in many business solutions and tourism fields. started as a training company in 2006 and developed all the expertise to be of the top training provider in Projects development & Business management and involved in Many commercial tourist and cultural activities and , the company partners and directors took care all details to provide unique services and different types of tours, educational healthy and business tours, to support all markets and types of visitors especially entrepreneurs who are willing to train neither those wishing to invest in Malaysian markets,.

A modern management that has met the requirements of advanced trade and accompanied the technological progress to offer accelerated trade exchange and used management experiences to support business men in their new projects, to facilitate communication between all parties for safe and successful meetings and deals.

took advantages of the successful that has benefited from the product of these experiences to be an outstanding example of a successful management company.

Hi Sky Ventures in the midst many projects and tours activities using all possible important communications in practical means to provide everything that is useful and helpful to its customers and partners alike.

as results of long time of business experiences the company considered as one of the top 20 tourism companies in Malaysia, and the first company to provide medical services and integrated programs between tourism and treatment to provide a distinguished tourism and treatment services in Malaysia in terms of the kind and quality of services